Fire Retardant Chemicals & Smoke Suppressant Chemical Manufacturer

Joseph Storey Ltd

Joseph Storey is a Chemical Manufacturer, established in 1860, producing the STORFLAM product range based on Inorganic Borate and Stannate chemistry. The business has developed a strong expertise in the production of Fire Retardant chemicals, and is supported by a global network of distributors. Principal amongst the Storflam product range are Zinc Borate and Zinc Hydroxystannate, which are widely used to improve fire and smoke performance in order to meet increasingly stringent legislation across the full spectrum of plastic, rubber and coatings industries from electrical cables, automotive, aerospace to marine and construction applications.

Storflam products impart superior fire and smoke performance in many polymer systems with and without the presence of halogens. Antimony Trioxide replacement is a key feature, invariably coupled with improvement in smoke performance, a property growing in importance. Joseph Storey is at the forefront of Fire Retardant chemicals and Smoke Suppressant chemical manufacturer and is supported by a well equipped technical service laboratory including an NBS smoke box and a cone calorimeter.

Featured products

Storflam Zinc Borate

Zinc borate is a multi-functional flame retardant which releases water endothermically, exhibits some gas phase activity in the presence of halogens and produces a boron-based char under fire conditions. Partial replacement of antimony trioxide is possible producing cost savings, and in many instances, aspects of fire-performance improvement including smoke suppression.

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Storflam Zinc Hydroxy Stannate

Zinc Hydroxystannate carries no risk phrases and can completely replace antimony trioxide in many formulations. It releases water endothermically, exhibits gas phase activity especially in the presence of halogens and produces a tin-based char under fire conditions providing excellent smoke suppression.

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